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Manage and optimize costs in a multi-cloud world.
Collaborate to take action and reduce spend.

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Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Coordinate between cloud governance teams
and resource owners to take action and reduce cloud spend.

Cloud Cost Collaboration
Cloud Cost Optimization White Paper


Optimize Cloud Costs through Governance and Collaboration

Find out how how to collaborate to reduce cloud costs.

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Analysis and Reporting

Account for all your costs

Data from all your clouds

See usage and cost data from public and private clouds in a single unified dashboard.

Slice and dice

Slice your costs by cloud account, team, or app to understand usage trends.

Chargeback and showback

Leverage tags to allocate costs to departments or business units.

Cloud Cost Management Accounting
Collaborative Cloud Cost Management
Collaborative Optimization

Work together to save.

Uncover savings

Get automated recommendations that reduce costs.

Involve resource owners

Deliver savings suggestions to the right cloud users.

Track progress

Access scoreboards that roll up progress on cost savings.

Automated Action

Take action on insights.

Reduce noise

Provide feedback to improve future recommendations.

Target inefficient spend

Use one-click options to terminate or delete unused or idle resources.

Leverage cloud provider discounts

Optimize use of AWS Reserved Instances and Google Committed Use Discounts.

Automated Actions and Recommendations
Forecast Future Spend with Cloud Cost Management
Budget and Forecast

Plan for the future

Predict application costs

Forecast future costs for prospective or existing cloud applications.

Track budgets

Develop budgets and alert users or managers of overruns.

Compare options

Evaluate different clouds, instance types, and purchase options.

The RightScale Optima Difference

RightScale Optima solves the most challenging problem of cloud cost optimization: collaborating between cloud governance teams and resource owners to take action on recommendations and reduce costs.

RightScale Optima Benefits

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Solution Brief

RightScale Optima

White Paper

Optimize Cloud Costs Through Governance and Collaboration


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10 Ways to Optimize Public and Private Cloud Costs


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