Develop a Cloud Strategy

Set Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Many enterprises are moving to the cloud, yet their cloud strategies are still a work in progress. A successful Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) strategy begins with your technical and business objectives. RightScale CloudSight Consulting will help you map out the technical requirements of your workload and application portfolio, including architecture, performance, security, cost, availability, and integration. CloudSight will also assist you in clarifying your business requirements, from development speed to international footprint to new product initiatives. Aligning your the business and technical requirements of your central IT and business units is critical to have a solid business case for cloud. Learn more about Cloud Benefits and ROI.

Get Tips for a Successful Cloud Proof of Concept

Learn how to set your POC strategy, choose your POC clouds, navigate technical hurdles, and measure success.

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Lay Out a Roadmap to Execute on Your Strategy

CloudSight Consulting will help you operationalize your cloud strategy with a concrete roadmap to get started. Determine your best approach to public, private, and hybrid cloud — from vendors to cloud services to key technologies. We'll help you plan a successful proof-of-concept for your first applications, whether on your own private cloud or in a public cloud. And crucially, we'll work with you to understand the organizational, talent, and process gaps that need to be filled in order to transform your IT organization for a cloud orientation. Learn more about Cloud Strategy.