Big Data in the Cloud

Manage Big Data Across Public and Private Clouds

Whether you are wading through log files, wrangling click streams, dealing with the social media fire hose, analyzing transactions to prevent fraud, or trying to manage protein sequencing, you are used to big data. Cloud computing is a natural fit for big data analytics. Elastic compute capacity and on-demand provisioning make analytics accessible to more teams within your organization, while Hadoop has reduced the time to complete analyses. Learn how you can design, deploy, and operate big data cloud applications across public and private clouds with Cloud Management.

Batch and HPC

Scientists, engineers, economists, traders, and accountants require lots of computation to solve complex problems. These activities have traditionally required expensive high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. Cloud computing makes it possible to reduce capital expenses while simultaneously increasing the scale of compute- or bandwidth-intensive applications. Learn more about cloud cost optimization.

Big Data in the Cloud

Learn how RightScale Cloud Management can help you develop big data applications in the cloud using Hadoop and NoSQL.

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