Development in the Cloud

Speed Up Development

Enterprises are pressed to get infrastructure into the hands of development teams faster than ever before. And public cloud infrastructure has lowered costs for development in the cloud. Yet, the process of ordering, configuring, deploying, and tracking resources has not accelerated at an equal pace. Getting developers resources faster has numerous benefits: reduced cycle times, compressed release cycles, and improved product quality. Learn how to accelerate application development with Cloud Management.

Offer Self-Service Access to Cloud Services

Development and test is a perfect use case for self-service IT — pre-define standard development stacks, set budgets, and let your developers innovate. A self-service approach makes it possible to provide developers with easy access to configured resources while maintaining control and staying within budgets. Find out how you can deliver self-service IT to your enterprise.

Windows Dev & Test

Use Windows Azure to enable your software development strategies.

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