Disaster Recovery

Faster, Economical Disaster Recovery

Cloud enables a wide range of cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) models that reduce your mean time to recovery. Cold, staged DR environments can be ready to be powered up with a single click. Warm or hot DR environments provide a standby for rapid or automated failover. Find out how Cloud Management can help you deliver and automate disaster recovery.

Minimize Downtime with Resilient Cloud Architectures

Clouds themselves are not infallible. You'll require a well-planned DR strategy for your cloud-based applications to withstand cloud outages. Resilient architectures, automated scaling, and self-healing infrastructure can dramatically reduce the likelihood or length of service interruption. Learn more about increasing cloud scalability and availability.

Outage Proof Your Cloud Applications

Design for failure — often easier said than done. A RightScale architect covers best practices for application architectures that survive cloud outages, reduce mean time to recovery, and meet your SLAs.