Marketing Campaign Technology

Scale Up for Success

Marketing promotions are a hit-and-miss undertaking. Balancing infrastructure needs with traffic forecasts is more art than science. But there's a better way to take the risk out of demand fluctuations: When you automatically scale your application up and down with demand, you keep your customers happy and save money. Find out more about cloud scalability and availability.

Save Money and Increase ROI

Creating a budget for running your marketing campaign technology on cloud infrastructure — and then sticking to it — can seem daunting. Visualize, forecast, and optimize your cloud usage with Cloud Analytics and watch your marketing ROI soar.

Rinse-and-Repeat Architectures

Digital campaign technology needs are typically in flux right up to the deadline, frustrating your ops team. Save time and headaches by deploying repeatable, customizable application templates. Learn how to design repeatable architectures for your marketing projects.

Deliver Marketing Campaigns in Record Time

Discover how marketing departments and advertising agencies leverage the cloud to quickly deliver marketing campaigns that scale.

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