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Size Your App to Current Demand

Sudden success for your mobile app, social network, or web property can come suddenly. But it's difficult to predict whether your application will be an instant hit or quickly forgotten. By automating and orchestrating tiers of your application to scale up and down with demand, you can meet customer demand and save money. Learn more about cloud scalability and availability.

Keep Your Costs Lean

Cloud computing puts on-demand resources at your fingertips. But this also means that it's easier than ever to blow your budget when you aren't paying attention. For web app development - as well as mobile app development and game app development - you can visualize, forecast, and optimize your cloud usage with Cloud Analytics to keep your costs in line.

We wanted to build increasingly data-intensive applications, and we had a lot of great use cases for cloud.
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Get Top Performance for Your Games

See how Google Cloud Platform and RightScale Cloud Management can help you achieve top performance for your game applications.

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