Cloud Availability and Scalability

Scale Applications to Economically Meet Demand

Solve for the seasonality or unpredictability of demand with scalable application tiers. Scale up to ensure your application remains available. Scale down to reduce costs by only paying for what your use. Find out how you can scale applications automatically with Cloud Management.

One of the biggest wins for us with RightScale is being able to auto-scale without having to be there — it was completely automatic.
Matt Wise Senior Systems Architect, NextdoorLogo

Cloud Scalability

Achieve Enterprise SLAs on Commodity Public Cloud Infrastructure

Just because you're using the public cloud doesn't mean you can't deliver enterprise SLAs. Design applications to handle failures on the public cloud. Use tested building blocks to create your own customized, highly available configurations. Learn more about meeting SLAs on the cloud.

Cloud Availability

Use Self-Healing Infrastructure to Keep Applications Running

Define availability policies triggered by infrastructure failures or overutilization. Easily stage disaster recovery environments at low cost. Harness event-driven triggers to reduce service disruption. Develop application architectures and operational processes that are resilient to cloud outages. Explore how to create self-healing infrastructure with Cloud Management.

Outage Proof Your Cloud Applications

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