Cloud Cost Management

Understand How Much Your Applications Cost

Cloud cost management begins with the ability to view usage and costs across your portfolio of applications. Dive deeper to understand usage across development and production environments, within application tiers, and among infrastructure types. Visualize your cloud costs with Cloud Analytics.

Cloud Cost Management

Don't Rely On a Crystal Ball, Build Data-Driven Forecasts

Take this deep understanding of your application costs and apply these trends to the future. Add scenarios based on expected changes to your products, applications, and teams to create more accurate budgets and capacity plans. Forecast your cloud costs with Cloud Analytics.

Integrated cloud analytics and management tools such as RightScale's can help consumers understand this complex landscape, and take actions to manage their cloud expenditure.

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Tune Your Cloud Environment to Save Money

Give your cloud infrastructure a regular financial tuneup. Identify, turn off, and prevent wasted resources. Choose the best capex and opex options — on-demand, spot, and reserved instances — for your business needs. Optimize your cloud costs with Cloud Analytics.