Self-Service IT

Self-Service Cloud with an IT Vending Machine

Provide your application teams with an express lane for services and applications. An IT vending machine serves up application stacks with push-button ordering, approval, on-the-fly customization, provisioning, and orchestration of IaaS resources. Offer instant access to a portfolio of major public cloud vendors as well as private clouds or virtualized environments. And do so with the confidence that you won't blow your budget or your InfoSec policies.

Self-Service IT

Deliver Entire Applications, Not Just VMs

Your developers expect quick, pre-approved, self-service access to application stacks and services. Define standard services, allow various levels of customization, and automate the provisioning process. Define, deploy, and then operate IT services with an integrated suite that ties together an infrastructure and application context using Cloud Management.

Offer a Compelling Alternative for Rogue IT

Offer development teams immediate gratification, even while adhering to lightweight policies based on budgets, resource placement, data and network security, and SLAs. Achieve visibility of resource consumption and security vulnerabilities, as well as access and changes to your environment with cloud governance.

Operationalize Your Cloud Usage Through an IT Vending Machine

Learn how to deliver self-service IT to your end users and business units.

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