Compare Clouds: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google vs. SoftLayer

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Most enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, but choosing the right cloud for a workload can be challenging. In this webinar we’ll share a free tool to compare public cloud features and help you make the best decision for each workload. We’ll also drill down on a few key areas where the leading public clouds are different.

The Compare Clouds: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google vs. SoftLayer webinar will cover:

  • A demonstration of a new cloud comparison tool from RightScale
  • How to choose the right cloud for a given workload
  • Key differences among leading public clouds
  • Drilling down on storage, pricing, and container services

Compare Clouds: AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer Webinar


Brian Adler
Director Enterprise Architecture
Hassan Hosseini
Product Manager
Ryan O'Leary
Senior Director, Product
Kim Weins
VP Marketing

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