Application Teams

With RightScale we were able to provision a new system in the cloud in less less than an hour rather than months.
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Provision Entire Applications in Less Time

Provisioning resources shouldn't be a chore. Design standard architectures, then offer customization by your developers so they have exactly what they need to ship products. Streamline handoffs between dev, test, QA, and production with repeatable, cloneable application deployment. Learn how cloud application lifecycle automation can speed up your team.

Keep Your Applications on Budget

You have a budget, but you don't want to spend your entire time managing to it. Get immediate, actionable insights about your historical and current cost by application and tier. Quickly identify where you are wasting money and how to optimize your development environment to stay within budget. See how cloud cost management simplifies your life.

Set Your Applications Up for Success

You don't want a great application to fail to scale. Avoid success disasters. Develop your applications with tooling that makes it easy to monitor, auto-scale, and self-heal once launched. Bake scalability and availability into your cloud applications.