RightScale allowed us to bring simplicity back to the data center and get our products out quicker.


Speed Up IT Delivery

Next-month delivery of resources just won't cut it for your application teams any longer. Dramatically speed up your IT organization by delivering complete services to your business customers. Learn more about increasing the responsiveness and service level of your IT organization with self-service IT.

Implement a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

The future of your IT organization will be coordinating and integrating services from the private cloud in your data centers and those on offer from your strategic public cloud vendors. This hybrid cloud strategy will make it possible to offer the diversity of services and technologies that your teams require. And it will increase the flexibility of your organization to meet the needs of your customers. Future-proof your cloud strategy with a portfolio of public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Gain Visibility into Cloud Across Your Organization

Cloud creates silos within your organization as teams use different vendors, services, and technologies. You don't want to stifle innovation, but you need to understand costs, risks, and the current state of your environment. Roll up reporting, analytics, and control into a central interface that spans clouds and virtualized environments. Explore how to gain visibility and enforce governance.

Improve the Return on Your IT Assets with a Blend of Capex and Opex

Cloud computing opens the door to new investment models and greater IT efficiency. Balance capex spending in your private cloud with opex spending on the public cloud to free up capital for critical business investments. Improve transparency of resource consumption, align spending in the context of your applications, and optimize your cloud budget. Learn how to increase your returns with IT business management.