Infrastructure and Ops

RightScale provides the on-demand growing and shrinking of infrastructure. It's almost the holy grail of cloud computing.
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Bring Together Existing Investments and Cloud

Link public and private clouds together with your existing virtual environments. Take your virtualized environments to the next level by adding self-service controls and automation. Learn more about integrating hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Control Access and Changes to Your Cloud Environments

Secure access across clouds, data centers, and applications. Track infrastructure and application configuration changes centrally, providing contextual insights and a comprehensive audit trail. Apply cloud governance and compliance controls to your environment.

Meet Enterprise-Level SLAs on Public Clouds

You don't have to leave your mission-critical applications in the data center. Enterprise-level SLAs are possible with self-healing, auto-backups, assisted failover, and staged disaster recovery environments. Offer similar SLAs to the ones in your internal data center, even while using public cloud infrastructure. Find out how to ensure application availability.

Automate Provisioning and Runbook Tasks

Tackle operational tasks large and small with powerful automation tools. Quickly query, tag, and organize your operating environment. Run patches, updates, and code deploys across your fleet. Apply self-healing and automated scaling for mission-critical and web-scale applications. Learn more about streamlining cloud operations with lifecycle automation.

Manage Public Cloud Usage to Stay Within Your Budget

Public cloud has changed the game for IT budgeting. The pay-as-you-go model makes surprises more common. And the highly itemized nature of public cloud pricing makes planning complex. Use cloud cost management to help you visualize what you're spending, forecast the future to build better budgets, and optimize usage to curb waste.