Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Waste Is Rampant

Enterprises are wasting 35 percent of their cloud spend. To save money, you must first identify waste. Uncover unused or underused resources. Leverage the lowest price regions and instance types. Shut down workloads that don’t need to run 24x7. Take advantage of discounting options.

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization
Cost Optimization Report
Top Cloud Initiatives

Prioritize Saving Money

Nearly 60 percent of cloud users in the 2018 State of the Cloud Report cite saving money on their cloud bills as a top initiative. To achieve that, you need process and tools to control costs across all the clouds you use.



“RightScale ensures that we are on the appropriate and most cost-effective cloud infrastructure at all times.”

Digital Technology Solutions and Strategy at Audi of America, Volkswagen Group

Collaborate to Save

Realizing cost reductions takes action. Enterprise cloud governance teams need to collaborate with the teams that own cloud resources and can make the necessary adjustments. Leveraging automation is critical so that you can go beyond one-time fixes to continually optimize spend.





Cloud Cost Collaboration
Cloud Cost Collaboration

RightScale Cited As a Leader in
Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization

"Optima’s governance features are built around a strong policy engine that will automate a wide range of infrastructure asset scheduling and life-cycle management activities. In addition, Optima supports robust cost scenario analysis and forecasting capabilities."

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization, Q2 2018

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Cost Report
Cost Report

RightScale Optima Drives Costs Down

Streamline your cost reduction efforts with RightScale Optima. Get recommendations on savings. Collaborate on recommendations and take automated action. Track progress on your cost saving initiatives.


Cloud Cost Optimization White Paper


Optimize Cloud Costs through Governance and Collaboration

Find out how to collaborate to reduce cloud costs.

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“IT executives will get better at containing cloud costs in 2017 as their best practices mature.”

Explore How to Optimize Cloud Costs

You need visibility into where you are overspending. Before you can act to cut cloud costs, you must first:

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How to Optimize Cloud Costs
How to Optimize Cloud Costs

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RightScale Optima quickly provides visibility into cloud usage and costs for all your cloud accounts. Allocate costs for chargeback and showback. Dive deep into costs by application, department, or team.