Cloud Analytics to Understand Cloud Spend

Gain Insights Into Cloud Spend

Using a cloud analytics solution to understand where your money is going is a critical step in reducing your cloud costs. You need to analyze trends to uncover inefficiency so that you can take action to reduce waste.

Cloud Instance Analyzer
Cloud Analytics

“Integrated cloud analytics and management tools such as RightScale’s can help consumers understand this complex landscape and take actions to manage their
cloud expenditure.”

Cloud Economist at 451 Research

Instance Analyzer Graph
Instance Analyzer Graph

Understand the Details

Once you understand the big-picture trends, you’ll need to drill down. Look at which applications are driving your spend. Find out exactly which resources caused an increase in your bill. Look at hourly variations in usage as your cloud usage levels change over a particular day.




RightScale Cited As a Leader in
Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization

"Optima’s governance features are built around a strong policy engine that will automate a wide range of infrastructure asset scheduling and life-cycle management activities. In addition, Optima supports robust cost scenario analysis and forecasting capabilities."

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization, Q2 2018

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Optimize Cloud Costs through Governance and Collaboration

Find out how to collaborate to reduce cloud costs.

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Use Cloud Analytics to Visualize Your Costs

RightScale Optima enables you to visualize, forecast, and optimize cloud costs across your entire organization to more efficiently control your cloud spend.

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