Cloud Cost Control Through Collaboration

Collaborative Cost Optimization

One of the biggest challenges when optimizing cloud costs is implementing recommended savings across large organizations where control of cloud accounts is decentralized. The first step is defining roles and responsibilities for central IT, cloud resource owners in the business units, and finance teams.

Cloud Cost Control Responsibilities

Central IT

  • Establish and own cost management policies and processes
  • Support business units in reducing costs
  • Understand cloud providers’ pricing models to achieve more favorable pricing

Business Units

  • Take responsibility for their own cloud costs
  • Use recommendations, tools, and real-time cost information provided by central IT
  • Provide feedback that enables central IT to further optimize cost control policies

Finance and Procurement Teams

  • Negotiate contracts with cloud providers on behalf of central IT
  • Set budgets for central IT and business units
  • Provide cost reporting data to plan and track costs

“Cloud users are increasingly concerned about the money they might be wasting in their public cloud spending, but only a small percentage of them are doing something about it.”

Cloud Cost Collaboration
Cloud Cost Collaboration

Keys to Collaboration

To collaborate effectively, central cloud governance needs to share recommendations for savings with the teams that own cloud resources. Resource owners, in turn, need to review recommendations and provide feedback or take action to reduce spend. Results of actions need to roll up so that organizations can track progress on cost-efficiency initiatives.



RightScale Cited As a Leader in
Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization

"Optima’s governance features are built around a strong policy engine that will automate a wide range of infrastructure asset scheduling and life-cycle management activities. In addition, Optima supports robust cost scenario analysis and forecasting capabilities."

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization, Q2 2018

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Keep Your Cloud Costs Down By Collaborating

RightScale Optima offers a unique approach to cloud cost optimization that enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to reduce wasted cloud spend.

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