Cloud Spend Management

Identify Wasted Cloud Spend

Enterprises are wasting 35 percent of cloud spend. Start your optimization process by uncovering inefficient use of cloud resources. Leverage RightScale Optima to get automatic, money-saving recommendations for effective cloud spend management.

“RightScale found that many are passing up savings, and that overprovisioning resources is still widespread.”

Take Action to Optimize

Identifying waste is the first step in cutting costs, but you don’t save money until you take action. Go beyond one-time fixes to monitor and fix inefficiencies on an ongoing basis. RightScale Optima makes automated action easy.

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Optimize Cloud Costs through Governance and Collaboration

Find out how to collaborate to reduce cloud costs.

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Try an Easier Way to Manage Cloud Spend

RightScale Optima provides the automation you need to reduce both current and ongoing cloud costs by identifying and eliminating waste.

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