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Cloud Cost Analysis

Cloud cost analysis can be difficult because cloud providers offer different pricing models, unique discounting options, and frequent price cuts. For the major cloud providers — AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud — we routinely analyze the latest price reductions and discounts to show you which providers have the lowest-cost options for cloud compute instances and for which use cases.

How Azure Reserved Instances Work and How They Compare to AWS

January 02, 2018,
Posted By: Kim Weins
Microsoft recently announced Reserved Instances for Azure, which differ from AWS Reserved Instances in several key ways. In our side-by-side comparison of Azure RIs vs. AWS RIs, we show you which offers greater savings depending on your needs.

Comparing Cloud Instance Pricing: AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM

November 18, 2017,
Posted By: Kim Weins
As cloud computing matures, the top public cloud providers are continuing to evolve their instance types and also reduce prices and add discounting options, creating opportunities to save money for the 85 percent of organizations that have a multi-cloud strategy. We show you which providers have the lowest-cost options for cloud compute instances and under which circumstances and what’s been changing in cloud pricing over the last six to nine months.

Where Is the $10B in Waste in Public Cloud Costs?

November 13, 2017,
Posted By: Kim Weins
The public cloud providers recently announced their revenue for Q3, and the numbers are big and growing quickly. After looking at how much of the cloud providers’ revenue comes at the expense of cloud users not understanding how they can prevent wasted cloud spend, we identified three key areas for stopping waste right now.

VMware Cloud on AWS Pricing: Is It Really Cheaper Than AWS?

November 10, 2017,
Posted By: Kim Weins
With VMware Cloud on AWS now generally available, we can finally see how it compares in price with standard AWS. In our in-depth analysis, we evaluated several different use cases and compared the costs.