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Avoid Bill Shock with Automated Cloud Cost Reports

Cloud computing can help speed applications to market by enabling developers and business units to access infrastructure in a matter of minutes. However, all cloud users have stories of being surprised by unexpectedly large cloud bills because they left resources running longer than needed. To avoid cloud bill shock, you need to keep a close eye on your cloud usage so that you can ensure that you are only using what you need. The new Scheduled Report feature in Cloud Analytics allows you to do exactly that.

With Cloud Analytics, you can schedule automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports to come straight to your email inbox so that you have complete visibility into your cloud computing costs on a regular basis. The reports highlight trends in cloud costs, alerting you to potential issues before they significantly impact your bill. If there are unexpected changes, you can quickly jump into your Cloud Analytics account directly from a link in the email to investigate further.


For me, the agility that the public cloud offers comes with unpredictability in cost — related to both wanted as well as unwanted expenses (like forgetting to shut down servers). The Scheduled Report email feature in Cloud Analytics gives me the exact level of detail when I want it to help me understand quickly what my bill will be and if I have any runaway servers.

Joe Masters Emison, CTO at BuildFax


Create automated reports that provide the level of detail that you want to see.

Cloud Analytics includes an incredibly powerful Analyze feature where you can slice and dice your cloud usage and cloud computing costs by any number of criteria. You can then choose to have this data delivered to you via a Scheduled Report. Imagine these real-life scenarios:

  • Your CFO wants a summary of how much your company is spending on a monthly basis across all cloud accounts.
  • A product manager wants to keep an eye on one application while it goes through launch.
  • The sales team wants to keep a close eye on spend as they spin up and spin down instances for product demonstrations.

You can easily provide data for all of these specific requests and more by creating a Scheduled Report via the Analyze page. In the screenshot below, you can see that I have filtered down to the deployment for a particular product launch and have created a Scheduled Report that will provide me with regular updates on instance usage and costs.

Choose to have your reports delivered daily, weekly, and monthly via email.

With the Scheduled Report feature, you can create daily, weekly, and monthly reports to visualize cloud computing costs across vendors, departments, teams, and applications — or any other criteria you choose.

To analyze your past usage and create scenarios to forecast future spend on AWS, Google, Azure and other clouds, get a free trial of RightScale Cloud Analytics.

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