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Keep Your Cloud Costs Down Through Internal Collaboration

One of the challenges of managing cloud spend is sharing information between the finance or business users who are looking at overall cloud costs and the technical team who has a deep understanding of how the cloud infrastructure is used. Unlike with traditional on-premises infrastructure where there is a business case before infrastructure is budgeted, cloud users need to have ongoing access to usage and cost information so that they can continually optimize cloud costs and reduce waste.

Our new product, RightScale Cloud Analytics, provides a better way to manage cloud costs. We have received a great response from both existing RightScale Cloud Management users as well as new users who are using Cloud Analytics to understand their cloud costs, optimize their spend, and forecast the future costs of their infrastructure.

In this blog, I will show you how you can easily share your analyses of cloud spend with anyone else in your organization.

Picture these real-life scenarios:

  • You just logged into Cloud Analytics and have seen an increase in your cloud costs over the last few days and want to understand why.
  • You reviewed your application spend and something doesn’t look right, so you want to collaborate with colleagues on getting to the bottom of the issue.
  • You have completed the analysis for your AWS Reserved Instance purchases and you want to run it by your tech lead for validation.

Start by selecting the Analyze link in the Cloud Analytics left menu. Next use the filters below the graph to focus on the area of spend you want to share:

Then, once the graph contains the information that you want to share, a single click on the “Share” button generates a unique link that you can provide to your colleagues so that they can see exactly what you are seeing:

To try this feature plus more like forecasting future cloud costs, sign up for a free trial of RightScale Cloud Analytics.


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