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Track and Manage Your Private Cloud Costs Like a Boss

For many companies leveraging private clouds or virtualized infrastructures, it can be difficult to gain an immediate picture of the level of resources that each business unit, user, and application is consuming and the costs that they are incurring. As a result, monthly chargeback and showback reports can create unpleasant surprises for finance, business, and technical stakeholders.  

Using RightScale Cloud Analytics, you can track private cloud consumption and spend at any point in time. Cloud Analytics is single pane of glass to visualize, analyze, and optimize your cloud instance costs, whether that is a public cloud or a private cloud. I will show you how to use Cloud Analytics to assign costs to your private cloud and analyze these costs.

If you have a private cloud running OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, or VMware, as soon as you establish a connection between RightScale and your private cloud, then you can analyze the instance usage (in terms of number of virtual machines):

The next step is to define the price to be associated with each instance type so that you can also analyze costs. To do this, you will need to work with your finance team to determine the internally defined price that you want to associate with your private cloud. Your private cloud will have several instance types, and you will need to associate hourly costs with each of them.

Once you have determined your prices, it is very easy to set your private cloud prices in RightScale. After you register your private cloud with RightScale, go to the RightScale Cloud Management dashboard, navigate to Clouds > CloudName > Instance Types. From here you can then select Change Pricing and set an hourly price for each of your instance types:

This price will be used to calculate private cloud costs as well as chargeback and showback reports, which are easily accessible in your Cloud Analytics dashboard. Please note that you must be the cloud owner to set private cloud prices — that is, you must be the one who connected your private cloud to RightScale.  

To start tracking and managing your private cloud costs today, get a free trial of RightScale Cloud Analytics.

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