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Cloud Management Best Practices

Cloud management best practices primarily concern the ability to save money and streamline operations across any cloud, any server, and any container. In this section, you'll find in-depth articles on a variety of cloud management topics, including the orchestration, automation, and governance of applications using public, private, and hybrid cloud acrchitectures as well as how to cloud-enable your vSphere and bare-metal servers.

Hard Lessons: 4 Reasons to Use SaaS for Cloud Management

April 29, 2015,
Posted By: Rishi Vaish
Here at RightScale, we are a pure SaaS company (there is no on-premises delivery model for our Cloud Management product). In comparing a product suite offered as both SaaS and as an on-premises solution vs. the pure SaaS model, I’d like to share some observations on why I believe that SaaS is the best delivery model for cloud management.

RightLink 10: An Easier Way to Manage All Your Cloud Servers

March 25, 2015,
Posted By: Thorsten von Eicken
Lines of business and teams across enterprises are running applications in public and private clouds to achieve faster time to market, and central IT must often manage existing cloud-based workloads without disrupting running applications. RightScale addressed this need by creating a new and improved agent for managing existing cloud servers: RightLink 10.

Continuous Delivery of Software Packages in the Cloud

October 14, 2014,
Posted By: Tony Spataro
Learn how the RightScale development organization has implemented continuous delivery of the RightScale RightLink™ package and enabled the team to release as frequently as needed based on customer demands.

Dynamic Scaling of Jenkins in the Cloud

October 14, 2014,
Posted By: Tony Spataro
Discover how the RightScale development organization scales Jenkins using RightScale to automate the scaling up of Jenkins slaves to ensure that the team can continuously integrate its code commits.