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New MultiCloud API, New Add Server Assistant, and Community Translations

This is the first of three posts you'll be seeing regarding everything we're releasing over the next couple of weeks. First, we had a new dashboard release tonight, which I'll tell you about below. Next week, we're releasing some sophisticated multi-cloud ServerTemplates that work across a few clouds. Finally, we'll wrap up with how to create an auto-scaling Windows IIS/.NET application on top of our new mirrored Database Manager for SQL Server. 

Add Server and Add Server Array Assistants

First, we've created new assistants to simplify the process of creating a server or server array. It's a big change, requested by our customers, designed to make your life easier in the day-to-day usage of the Dashboard. We worked with a few customers over the last few months to refine this flow, so we know it will be a welcome change. The previous process was getting a little disjointed after a few years of rapid cloud innovation! Learn more about the new assistants shown below.


Community Translations

Next, in May of this year, we launched our first language translation for the RightScale Dashboard: Japanese. Back then, we mentioned that we accomplished this through a platform we planned to make available to the community. That time is here. You will now notice a "Help Us Translate" link in the footer:

So how can you help us translate (and why would you)? First, the how. When you click on this link, you'll be taken to a tool that will allow you to see all the phrases that need to be translated, translate these phrases, and vote on translations that others might have submitted. You can then link back to the Dashboard to see the translations in real-time! To get started, click on the link, read the instructions, and choose your language:

Now, why would you help us? Well, many of you have already offered out of the goodness of your heart, and we appreciate that. If you are someone that needs an incentive, we appreciate that too. That's why we're going to give the top translator for each of the following languages an Amazon Kindle: German, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Korean. For how to get started, and for more information on this "Translation Showdown," read the RightScale Dashboard Translation Guide.

New MultiCloud API

We've been incubating a new API with a few of our largest customers for over half a year now. This API is a complete redesign, and takes into account everything we have learned over the years on how to manage multiple clouds behind a single "pane of glass." Or in this case, a single set of XML/JSON instructions.

We are making it available today as a public beta, supporting Cloud.com, Eucalyptus, and Rackspace. Not everything that is in API 1.0 is available in this new API yet, but it is burning a hole in our pocket, and will be extremely useful to our customers who want to begin automating their multi-cloud deployments. As we equalize the feature set between this new API and the 1.0 EC2 API, we will move AWS EC2 support into this new API and retire API 1.0.

One new feature here (available on all clouds) is the ability to provision and manage users via the API. You can now list all users in an account, add users, and set their permissions. Coming up in the October release, Enterprise plan customers will also be able to provision new accounts.

Learn more about the new API and how to get started with it.

Release Notes

As always, please read the Release Notes for a detailed list of changes made to the Dashboard and API.  Look out for the ServerTemplate & MultiCloud Image release next week - we have some great solutions coming up for both Linux and Windows cloud administrators. Enjoy!