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New in RightScale: Unified Cloud Platform, Networks, and More

We are excited to announce a major advance in how we support public and private cloud platforms. With the RightScale August release, a new Unified Cloud Platform provides a unified API for all of our supported clouds and becomes the base upon which we will build new features going forward.

Unified Cloud Platform

The Unified Cloud Platform includes significant usability and performance improvements and provides a single, consistent API, version 1.5, to access all clouds.

The Unified Cloud Platform is now available to all customers. When your organization is ready to take advantage of Unified Cloud Platform, we will work with you to schedule a maintenance window for your account at a time that is convenient for you. Your RightScale-managed applications will continue to run during this maintenance window. During the maintenance window, the RightScale operations team will do all of the work necessary to migrate your account.

To learn more, visit our Unified Cloud Platform support page or speak with your account manager.

Networks and Network Manager

In this release, the new RightScale Network Manager provides multi-cloud network abstractions for entities such as subnets and security groups to simplify cloud network administration and to make applications more easily portable across clouds. Network Manager includes visualization tools, such as the Network Map, to help users understand ingress and egress security rules across networks. It also includes multi-cloud network resources as part of API 1.5. Network Manager that is available now for AWS, and we will support additional cloud platforms in the coming months in RightScale accounts that use the Unified Cloud Platform.

Organize Instances in Deployments

Another new feature in the August release enables Deployments to include all compute resources — not just Servers and Arrays but also Instances provisioned without ServerTemplates™.

Many RightScale customers have Instances not managed by ServerTemplates, which in many cases were launched prior to their using RightScale. These customers want the organizational benefits that Deployments provide — and they can now organize Instances in Deployments. This gives administrators the ability to view Instances alongside Servers and Arrays, tag them, and report on them. We also rebuilt our Deployment user interface to improve bulk actions, remove pagination, and dramatically decrease page load times. The ability to organize Instances in Deployments is available in RightScale accounts using the Unified Cloud Platform.

Additional August release improvements for all accounts include:

We’ve also made ServerTemplate 13.4 improvements:

  • Puppet Client ServerTemplate
  • Google Compute Engine volumes
  • Rackspace Sydney
  • Rackspace Managed Open Cloud
  • Patch Management for Linux
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