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Rackspace Linux ServerTemplate Support Windows 2008R2 PostgreSQL 9

When a systems or software engineer is learning a new language, a plethora of examples to learn from is invaluable. The cloud currently feels like a new software language to many - new constructs, better tools, rewritten rules. RightScale has always provided training to help people jump into this new world, and this release continues the education.

In it, you will find concrete examples of how to maintain advanced database architectures in the cloud, how to auto-scale Windows .NET applications, and even how to move database information between clouds. With your feedback, these examples will become production solutions that you can extend and modify. Before you know it, you're a sysadmin rock star for your organization - people will wonder how you accomplish such magic.

Don't hold back your secrets. ;-)

Rackspace ServerTemplate Support for Linux

On the heels of our Windows ServerTemplate Support for Rackspace, we're elated to also bring you Linux ServerTemplate support - starting with CentOS. We have a few templates available for you to start with: a Base ServerTemplate that works across many clouds, a LAMP ServerTemplate with backups to CloudFiles, and a Database Manager for MySQL that takes snapshot backups to CloudFiles. These templates are all new and part of the public beta - please provide feedback and let your sales rep know if you're experimenting.

With this release, you now have most of the Management (monitoring, user controls, auto-scaling, etc.) and Configuration (RightImages, ServerTemplates) aspects of our product available for Rackspace. We're close to wrapping up our API support as well, and will be adding more RightImages, OSes, and ServerTemplates from here on out.

MultiCloud Magic

Let's point out something important about the new Database Manager for MySQL that I mentioned in the Rackspace section above: it also works on Amazon.

This is one of our newer templates specifically designed to adapt to different clouds.  It is based off of another new MultiCloud ServerTemplate, the Storage Toolbox, which allows you to set up an LVM filesystem on instance drives or attachable volumes.  It also helps you take snapshot backups of your filesystem and upload it to the clouds object storage (in the MySQL case, to AWS S3 or Rackspace CloudFiles).

For the RightScale User Conference this week in New York, I demonstrated a database server running on the Rackspace Cloud, taking backups to Amazon S3, and restoring to a warm EC2 server.  I could have also gone the other way using Rackspace CloudFiles, or moved between Amazon regions using S3.

Magic? Nope. Here's a tutorial so you can try it yourself.

CloudStack CentOS RightImages

Let's move from MultiCloud to multi-hypervisor. With this release, CentOS RightImages are now available on all popular hypervisors for Cloud.com CloudStack clouds. We have RightImages for KVM, Xen Server, and VMWare ESX. Contact your sales rep for access to these private cloud images.

Database Manager for PostgreSQL

Many of you asked for a Database Manager for PostgreSQL 9 since replication issues from previous Postgres versions have been resolved. Well, the team took the structure of our MySQL Manager on Amazon and managed to replace MySQL with PostgreSQL - so you're in luck! Full master-slave support, use of EBS volumes, assisted DNS failover, etc. Read the setup guide to get started.


Earlier this year, we released our first ever Database Manager for Microsoft SQL Server. We received great feedback, adding smart volume configuration with best practice disk configuration for system and user databases.  Now, not only are master, msdb and temp on EBS Volumes, but we create default locations so your database data and log files are directed to separate EBS volumes.  We coordinate simultaneous volume snapshots so we have sane and consistent backups that can be used for disaster recovery purposes with built-in restore RightScripts.  We also optimally configure SQL Server for you, enabling mixed authentication mode and creating an equal number of tempdb data files to the number of CPUs on the server. Check out the beta for our Manager for Microsoft SQL Server.

We're also pleased to announce the Microsoft IIS Application Server, which can be used in an Array to serve as an auto-scaling .NET application tier. The ServerTemplate has built in Powershell-based RightScripts to register to either the AWS Elastic Load Balancer or to HAProxy.  In a similar vein to our other Application Servers in the MultiCloud Marketplace, this ServerTemplate will automatically download and deploy your application code and connect to a local or remote database server. Together with the Database Manager for Microsoft SQL Server, you can quickly get a multi-tier .NET app up and running in the cloud - get started with this setup guide.

Of course, both of these ServerTemplates are powered by RightScale RightImages.  We've enhanced our RightImages as part of this release to include support for Windows Server 2008 R2, bringing our total number of RightImages on Windows to 70!

There's More!

We've added Nginx-based PHP and Rails Application servers too. To see the rest, please read the May and  June release notes for details and starting points.