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RightScale Conference: Talk to the Experts About Cloud

Cloud is here and cloud is now. RightScale has led the way in cloud management, with more than 4 million servers launched in the cloud to date. We know that cloud is a strategy, not just a tactical solution. It’s not simply about moving to the cloud and doing business as usual. Cloud is about transforming IT. Cloud is about making business more agile. Cloud is about enabling completely new business models.

To be successful with cloud, IT decision makers must first ask themselves:

1. What do I want to achieve with cloud computing? Agility? Scalability? Cost savings? 
2. How do I select the best clouds for my use case? 
3. How do I correctly architect my systems for the cloud? 
4. What tools and solutions do I need to make it happen? 

Over the past six years, RightScale has developed a deep expertise in cloud. RightScale engineers have worked with forward-thinking IT leaders from companies like Pearson Education, Fox Media, and CareCloud to help them develop and implement their cloud management strategy.

We’ve built a cloud management solution that will continue to serve companies as cloud adoption accelerates and as they build out their multi-cloud portfolio to include public, private, and hybrid cloud technologies.

RightScale now gives users the ability and choice to manage their cloud applications on 7 public clouds (Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud, and SoftLayer among them) as well as with 3 private cloud providers, including Citrix CloudStack, Eucalyptus Systems, and OpenStack.

At RightScale, we’ve developed the expertise to solve the problems that plague corporate data centers, from managing VM sprawl and underutilized hardware to enabling self-service provisioning and metered chargeback, and we’ve built solutions for managing them into RightScale.

When the sixth RightScale Conference kicks off in New York City on June 13, some of the most progressive minds in cloud computing will be there, among them our engineers, our customers, and our solutions partners such as Zend, 10gen, and Riverbed who provide the expertise and the enabling technologies to help you design and develop applications for the cloud. You’ll have the chance to talk with these experts and take advantage of their collective knowledge to jumpstart your cloud project or fine tune your existing systems architecture or deployments.

Following a keynote from RightScale CEO Michael Crandell, we’ll feature presentations from RightScale customers including Pearson Education, Fox Media, and CareCloud. The afternoon will be devoted to breakout sessions on a variety of topics, including a track each on Private and Hybrid Clouds, HA/DR, and Big Data.

Private and Hybrid Clouds

We’ll be holding several breakout sessions on multi-cloud strategy, including one by RightScale Professional Services Architect Brian Adler who helps many of our enterprise customers custom design their architectures. He’ll share key considerations for building a private or hybrid cloud as well as selecting hardware, cloud infrastructure software, hosting vendors, systems integrators, and reference architectures.

Peder Ulander with the Cloud Platforms Group at Citrix will demonstrate how CloudStack, CloudBridge, and RightScale can enable Enterprise IT to extend resource pools beyond physical datacenter boundaries and leverage additional private clouds or public clouds to meet peak usage requirements and smoothly manage planned or unplanned capacity spikes.

Jeff Dickey, Chief Cloud Architect at Redapt, will provide specific use cases and examples for creating a hybrid cloud that can accommodate legacy applications while providing flexibility for future architectures and applications. He will also cover securing and segregating data, ensuring elastic demand, and accommodating mixed workloads on bare metal and hypervisors, as well reducing data center waste while increasing application to hardware efficiency.


Some view the cloud as a silver bullet to solve performance issues. If only it were that simple. Although the cloud does provide a superior way to scale hardware on demand, performance must be optimized at the application level to realize maximum gains. Apica COO Craig Irwin will present key strategic elements employed by innovative companies and share actionable insights on how they are leveraging technology to proactively identify bottlenecks, improve performance, and optimize their environments. Learn from high-profile crashes and common mistakes that enterprises make — and how not to become another headline.

Once you’ve optimized your application performance, you need to make sure your database can keep up. Senior Systems Architect Josep Blanquer will demonstrate how RightScale uses SQL and NoSQL databases such as mySQL and Cassandra to provide a scalable, distributed, and highly available service around the world that is designed to recover from failures of an entire cloud region.

Big Data

Because it exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems, big data is proving to be a popular use case for deriving huge benefits from on-demand, unlimited compute resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. In a Big Data 101 session led by RightScale Engineer Vijay Tolani, you’ll find out what others are doing with big data in the cloud and how to get started. He’ll cover solutions from RightScale technology partners IBM BigInsights, Couchbase, and MongoDB in the context of storing large data sets with NoSQL solutions and performing data analytics using Hadoop. Vijay will demonstrate the IBM BigInsights ServerTemplateTM and how it can be used to deploy analytics clusters for companies of all sizes. IBM offers free database and Hadoop courses through BigDataUniversity.com, which has more than 20,000 registered participants.

RightScale Zero-to-Cloud™ Training

If you’re looking for training on either RightScale fundamentals or advanced concepts, such as using RightScale with Chef or using RightScale to set up a hybrid cloud, we’ll be offering instructor-led hands-on courses onsite at the Javits Convention Center the two days prior to the conference. Our training classes sold out last conference, so get more details and sign up soon for RightScale training.

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So if you're looking to move to the cloud — or you're already there — we think you’ll find the RightScale Conference to be the place for expert advice on cloud computing and managing your cloud strategy. We’ll see you in NYC.