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RightScale Product Updates: Improved Support for AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, Docker and ServiceNow

It has been all about the integration during the past month at RightScale. We’ve released improved support for AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, Docker, and ServiceNow. Here is an overview of the capabilities we’ve recently added.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Matching instance names in Google Compute Engine and Azure: With this release, the name of a Server or ServerArray provisioned by RightScale will be used as the instance name in Google Compute Engine and Azure. The RightScale name will be sanitized to meet the naming requirements of the cloud. By default, a unique ID is still appended to ensure uniqueness on the cloud. However, you can disable this option from Cloud Management in Account > Preferences.
  • Choose root volume type for Google Compute Engine instances: You can now choose from any supported volume type choose from any supported volume type when provisioning Google Compute Engine instances through the RightScale UI, API, or Cloud Application Templates.
  • Support for i2 instance types in AWS-Beijing: RightScale now supports AWS i2 instance types in the AWS-Beijing region. With this addition, i2 instances types are now available in all AWS regions supported by RightScale.

Cloud Analytics

  • New extended menu: The Cloud Analytics menu has been extended so that you can directly access Full Instance details, Reserved Instance details, and the Utilization report from the left menu bar.

ServiceNow Integration

  • Support for ServiceNow Geneva: A new release of the RightScale integration for ServiceNow includes support for ServiceNow Geneva. We also added some new capabilities in the integration that work with both ServiceNow Fuji and Geneva. For more information or to download the application, refer to these release notes.
  • RightScale Instances and ServerArrays in your ServiceNow CMDB: RightScale Instances and ServerArrays are now supported as ServiceNow Configuration Items (CIs) at the same level as RightScale Servers, CloudApps, Templates, and Deployments. The integration between RightScale and ServiceNow continually updates these items based on changes in your cloud environment. These CIs can then be used in your ServiceNow CMDB.

RightLink 10.4.0

  • Integration with Docker: The latest version of RightLink integrates with Docker on an instance to discover running containers and images and send that information to RightScale in the form of tags. It also enables monitoring of individual containers. Upgrade to this version of RightLink so that you can leverage all the features of the new RightScale Container Manager. On our Docker support page, read more about the details and how to enable this feature.

New Cloud Resources

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