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RightScale Release: 25 ServerTemplates across 66 RightImages

Is it Christmas? It seems the RightScale elves have been busy. Luckily for you, many of our elves have Ph.D.s or master's degrees in computer science - or just many years behind a Unix prompt. Lucky for us, they don't look like elves. Let's see what's under the tree...

New Database Managers

Our Database Manager for MySQL is one of our most popular ServerTemplates, serving as the rock-solid foundation of many of our customer's deployments. With this release, we've expanded our MySQL 5.1 manager to support CentOS as well as Ubuntu. Microsoft SQL Server 2008

We're also happy to bring this same foundation to our Microsoft Windows customers, with our new Database Manager for MS SQL Server. This new ServerTemplate automates the provisioning and operation of SQL Server, and includes scheduled backups, assisted restoration, and database monitoring. The template supports both SQL Server 2005 on Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2008 on Windows 2008.

Windows ServerTemplates on Rackspace

We have been working closely with Rackspace to expand our support to include ServerTemplates. We're making Windows ServerTemplates available first. Our Base ServerTemplate for Windows includes RightImages for both AWS and Rackspace and can be launched on either cloud. This is a public beta, and we are very interested in your feedback - please let your account representative know if you plan to experiment with Windows on Rackspace.

Base and LAMP ServerTemplates for CloudStack

New CentOS 5.4 RightImages have been released for CloudStack private cloud customers. We have also released a LAMP All-In-One ServerTemplate based on these images. The LAMP template uploads a backup of the database to either AWS S3 or Rackspace CloudFiles. Enterprise customers can contact their account representative for access to these images.

RightImages and ServerTemplates for EC2 AP-Tokyo

Following our Dashboard support for the new region, we have released a full set of RightImages (Ubuntu and CentOS) and ServerTemplates (Database Manager for MySQL, HAProxy Load Balancer, App Servers for PHP/Rails/Tomcat, and more) for EC2 AP-Tokyo.

New Free All-In-One Developer ServerTemplates

Developer templates are designed for you to quickly plug in your code and database and get up and running on the cloud with a single all-in-one server.

Our First Compatibility Release

Our first Compatibility Release is now generally available (GA). What is a compatibility release? Let's break it down to two words: compatible and release. We test and release all of our most popular ServerTemplates and RightImages at the same time with the same software repository date. This helps ensure that RightScripts developed for one template and operating system should be compatible with other templates and operating systems that are also part of the release.

Why did we do this? We found that customers mixed and matched pieces from our ServerTemplates to create their own. Great! But without guaranteeing the same software repository or operating system version, their mileage varied. Now customers and partners can develop within a compatibility release, and take full advantage of all of the pre-built configurations we offer. You can see all of the ServerTemplates in the 11H1 Compatibility Release in the Library. (Hint to publishers: If you build a template within the Compatibility Release, be sure to add the "11H1 Compatible" category.)

New Base ServerTemplates

It's actually easy for you to get most of the benefits of the compatibility release without even thinking about it. The trick is to start with one of our Base ServerTemplates for any custom ServerTemplate development. You'll automatically get monitoring, the latest production RightImages, and the ability to pull compatible scripts from any related Compatibility Release templates.

And finally, while it was hard to wrap...

RightScale Experience and Expertise in the Cloud

About a month ago, a few of our customers started reporting sudden crashes of Ubuntu servers. RightScale worked closely with Canonical to identify the obscure kernel bug and brainstorm potential solutions. We then ran heavy tests on the Ubuntu 10.04 release with a variety of other kernels. Heavy testing in RightScale equates to multiple automated runs of hundreds of servers performing a variety of different workloads (database, load balancer, application server, etc.). We finally found a kernel that worked, and it is included with the latest Ubuntu RightImages. With our current scale, we have the visibility and partnerships to identify and solve major cloud issues. We're happy to package this expertise up for all of our customers as we continue to invest in the future of cloud computing.

Enjoy the new toys!

For a complete description of what was released, visit the Current Release Notes for ServerTemplates and MultiCloud Images.