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Brian Adler

Brian Adler

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Brian Adler
Director of Enterprise Architecture at RightScale
Brian Adler is the director of enterprise architecture at RightScale, bringing years of experience in multi-cloud environments. Brian advises RightScale customers on complex application architectures and cloud implementations. He collaborates with enterprise companies to dynamically configure their cloud resources across multiple cloud infrastructures, facilitates their high-availability configurations and disaster recovery efforts across cloud-agnostic and cross-cloud architectures, and guides them through cloud mapping and available tools. Prior to RightScale, Brian worked in systems engineering, built hardware and software for defense industry applications, and served as a software architect for Openwave, a highly scalable enterprise-grade email messaging platform.

Articles by Brian Adler

Architecting Scalable Applications in the Cloud

As an architect in the Professional Services group, I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of RightScale customers . And I enjoy it very much since I get to learn about all their cool new ideas and the technologies and applications they are bringing to the cloud. Over the course of the last several years and hundreds of customer conversations, a few common threads of discussion always come up...Read more

Three Quick Wins for Cloud Computing

Are you still trying to decide how to move your organization into the cloud? Do you already have servers in the cloud but can’t figure out how to best utilize them? At RightScale, we have these conversations with prospective customers all the time. I've outlined three of the most beneficial aspects of the RightScale solution that our customers use to quickly and more efficiently manage their...Read more

Seven Things to Consider Before Building a Private Cloud

Not so long ago, if you were like many CIOs or ops managers, you were consumed with issues related to providing power, space, and cooling for corporate data centers. As the capabilities of server hardware continued to increase (Moore’s Law stands the test of time), the workload generated by a typical application could no longer completely consume the resources of a single server. Vast amounts of...Read more

Four Steps to Achieving High Availability in the Cloud

Constructing a high-availability application in the cloud can seem like a daunting process. The key is to assume that every component of a system will fail at some point and to prepare for that eventuality. Then you can build for failure and automate processes to handle it. Fault-tolerant systems designed for high availability are achievable in the cloud. High availability (HA) and disaster...Read more

Private and Hybrid Clouds: Like Sex in High School

RightScale CEO Michael Crandell recently explained to a journalist at The Register that "the hybrid cloud is a little bit like sex in high school — everybody is talking about it, but not everybody is doing it." While that may be true for the IT industry as a whole, Michael also rightly points out what we in the RightScale Professional Services trenches see everyday: The majority of RightScale...Read more