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Ryan Geyer

Ryan Geyer

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Ryan Geyer
Cloud Solutions Architect
Sales Engineer Ryan Geyer is a champion for RightScale customers in helping them to apply and use cloud computing technology in their small- to large-scale computing environments. He has a knack for quickly adapting to new technologies and tools while applying fundamental best practices with strong applied knowledge of the server software and hardware used to host web applications (MySQL, Linux, Apache, and others). His specialties include Software Programming (Web): Ruby, Opscode Chef, Groovy, Grails, Java, jQuery, JSON, PHP, XML, SOAP, (X)HTML, CSS. Software Programming (Desktop & Other): C++, MFC, Microsoft COM, C#, .NET Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL 2005 & 2008 Application Servers: Unicorn, PHP-FPM, Nginx, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Microsoft Sharepoint 2007, and Apache Tomcat.

Articles by Ryan Geyer

Don't Leave Your Apps Stranded

If you travel enough, it's only a matter of time. You're facing a tight connection and when your first leg gets delayed it only gets tighter. Then you're sprinting to your connecting gate, only to watch as they close the doors and push back from the gate without you. On my way back from OpenStack Summit 2013 in Portland, where I spoke on Techniques for Managing your OpenStack Cloud , I had this...Read more

Managing Large-Scale User-Access Control with the RightScale API

What's with the check boxes you ask? It's a partial visual representation of what it looks like to manage 83 users, 15 RightScale accounts, and 11 permissions for each user in each account. That's 13,695 check boxes I'd potentially need to click. So I decided that I needed to either hunker down with a carafe of coffee for a few days or find a better solution! What's with the check boxes you ask?...Read more

Identifying Workloads for the Cloud

Identifying workloads to move to the cloud can be tricky. You have dozens or hundreds of apps running in your organization, and now that you’ve seen the operational efficiencies and agility available to you in the cloud, you’re tempted to move as many of them to the cloud as quickly as possible. As you’ll see in the examples below, cloud computing is indeed a good fit for many common workloads. I...Read more

Build a Private Cloud in Your Garage

A few weeks ago, this brilliant idea crossed my mind. Why don't I build a private cloud at home, in my garage, so that I can get the experience of setting up the technology? Vijay told me I was crazy, so to prove just how easy it would be I did it anyway, and as a result I've had a private cloud running in my garage since early March.Read more