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Ryan O'Leary

Ryan O'Leary

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Ryan O'Leary
Senior Director of Product Management at RightScale
Ryan O'Leary is the senior director of product management at RightScale. He works closely with customers and prospects to enhance the RightScale platform and its cloud resource management capabilities. Prior to RightScale, Ryan worked in the defense industry as a software engineering manager, helping develop complex software systems for the U.S. Army.

Articles by Ryan O'Leary

Accelerate Code Development with Cloud Application Templates

RightScale Cloud Application Templates (CATs) help you orchestrate, operate, manage, and provision complex application stacks in the cloud regardless of the cloud infrastructure providers you use. They package and “import” CAT code, enabling you to build sophisticated templates using modular building blocks of components to accelerate your code development.Read more

Announcing Docker Container Management in RightScale

Docker containers provide a new, portable approach to packaging and deploying services and applications. They are being deployed alongside traditional applications in cloud environments, virtual servers, and, increasingly, on bare-metal servers. Many applications will combine containers, traditional VMs, and other external services. As a result, enterprise IT teams are seeking to manage...Read more

How to Compare AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer

If you’re taking a strategic approach to your cloud strategy, it's not as simple as choosing Cloud A and putting every workload in Cloud A. Instead, you need to consider the requirements for each application or workload and select the cloud that is the best fit. To make it easier, we’ve broken down the key differences among public cloud vendors as they pertain to storage, container services, and...Read more

RightScale Product Update: Report and Alert on Full Cloud Costs, GCE Support in Network Manager and More

At RightScale, we’ve been neglecting our holiday shopping so we can build lots of new features as our holiday gift to you. Here is a summary of the capabilities we’ve added over the last month. Click the links below to get detailed release notes, or contact your RightScale Account Manager for more information. Cloud Management I mproved Audit Trail for Security Groups: Changes to RightScale...Read more