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Thorsten von Eicken

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Thorsten von Eicken
Founder and Advisor at RightScale
Thorsten von Eicken is a RightScale founder and advisor. Previously, Thorsten was chief architect at Expertcity (acquired by Citrix Online), where he directed the architecture of the company's online services, including the popular GoToMeeting service. He also managed the Expertcity/Citrix data center operations, where he acquired deep knowledge in deploying and running secure, scalable online services. Thorsten was a professor of computer science at Cornell University and he received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Articles by Thorsten von Eicken

RightLink 10: An Easier Way to Manage All Your Cloud Servers

Lines of business and teams across enterprises are running applications in public and private clouds to achieve faster time to market, and central IT must often manage existing cloud-based workloads without disrupting running applications. RightScale addressed this need by creating a new and improved agent for managing existing cloud servers: RightLink 10.Read more

AWS to Reboot a Number of EC2 Instances

Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) notified its customers that it will be rolling out an urgent patch to hosts causing a maintenance reboot of EC2 instances over the next several days starting on September 26, 2014. We've got the rundown on what you can expect and how to mitigate it.Read more

Docker vs. VMs? Combining Both for Cloud Portability Nirvana

Docker and container technology in general is very interesting to us because it promises to help simplify cloud portability — that is, how to run the same application in different clouds — as well as some aspects of configuration management. We put Docker to the test to determine if containers do indeed make it easier to port applications across clouds.Read more

AWS i2 Instances: Now Supported by RightScale

Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) released a new i2 instance type, and we provided immediate support for it in the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform. The i2 instance was designed to host I/O intensive workloads typically generated by NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and MongoDB as well as workloads generated by relational databases and transactional systems.Read more

Thoughts on AWS OpsWorks Application Management

Since RightScale pioneered the category of cloud management six years ago, we’ve watched a variety of players large and small offer software and services targeted at some form of management of cloud applications and resources. We like to keep tabs on these changes, especially from the point of view of how new technologies affect companies' choices as they adopt cloud computing. Last week Amazon...Read more

New EC2 Instance Types and Coordinated Failures in the Cloud

Amazon announced a new series of instance types today that do not have any local storage. This got me thinking about some of the failure modes we've seen. The specifics are that AWS released the "m3" series of instances with 15/30GB of memory and 4/8 cores and no local disk storage, which means that the root volume (from the image) and all additional data storage must use EBS volumes. The move to...Read more

RightScale Joins Google Compute Engine for Launch Day

Today we'll be demoing RightScale managing a deployment on Google Compute Engine during the launch presentation at Google I/O at 1:30pm (PT). With the release of Google Compute Engine, the year 2012 is becoming a turning point in the evolution of cloud computing. There are now multiple public megaclouds on the market, and public cloud computing is set to become the dominant form of business...Read more

Cloud APIs: It's the Architecture that Matters

screen-2012-04-02-240_0.png Lack of excitement is not something the cloud market can be accused of! Citrix just announced a bold roadmap for its CloudStack platform coming right on the heels of a Eucalyptus and Amazon announcement to extend API compatibility and just two weeks before the OpenStack summit. My prediction for 2012: we will exit the year with as many cloud APIs as we had when we...Read more

Commercial Support for OpenStack on the Horizon

A change that was very palpable at the recent OpenStack conference is that a number of major industry players are readying commercial offerings around implementing OpenStack clouds. Today Citrix officially threw its hat into the ring, announcing Project Olympus , which lets any customer build a private or public cloud based on "a Citrix-certified version of OpenStack and a cloud-optimized version...Read more