Application Architectures

Design Applications for the Cloud

You don’t want your application to fail. Develop your applications with tooling that makes it easy to monitor, auto-scale, and self-heal once launched. Learn how to bake scalability and availability into your cloud applications.


SaaS in the Cloud

Real-world examples from demo and POC environments to single-tenant and multi-tenant SaaS applications powered by public and private clouds.

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How RightScale Architects its Database

Find out how we at RightScale use SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL and Cassandra to provide a scalable, distributed, and highly available service around the world designed to recover from failures of a whole cloud region.

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Web-Scale Apps in the Cloud

Learn how to build a repeatable, cost efficient, and scalable infrastructure platform to deliver a portfolio of games, social, and mobile apps.

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Cloud Networking

Delve into a range of network constructs and how they are implemented in the cloud, from subnets and security groups to routing tables and virtual network interfaces.

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Scalable Databases

A private cloud may not be the solution in every situation. When evaluating whether a private cloud is the right choice for you, start with these seven considerations.

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