Cloud Governance & Compliance

Achieve Governance and Compliance in the Cloud

In a world where public clouds are easily and instantly accessible, enterprise IT teams need to embrace a new approach: frictionless cloud governance that embeds and automates necessary controls. With frictionless cloud governance, you can drive delays to zero by offering developers and business units cloud resources as quickly as teams can obtain them directly from cloud providers.

In fact, frictionless cloud governance combined with automation can make it even easier and faster for enterprise users to get fully configured stacks or applications in public or private clouds. This is an achievable goal that can enable IT teams to accelerate agility beyond that offered by going directly to public clouds.


HIPAA in Public Cloud

Learn how to successfully deploy a HIPAA compliant application in the public cloud.

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PCI in Public Cloud

Learn how PCI compliance in the public IaaS cloud is possible.

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Managing Large-Scale User-Access Control in the Cloud

Learn more about user management at scale.

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