Cloud Monitoring and Automation

Monitor and Automate Cloud Applications

Automation in the cloud is an important principle. Learn how to easily launch, manage, and monitor multi-server deployments.


Avoid Success Disasters by Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure for Your Holiday Campaigns

Learn how to prepare your website or application to handle holiday-season usage spikes and ensure that your campaign is a success.

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5 Quick Wins for the Cloud

Learn how to quickly deploy projects in the cloud and demonstrate return on investment.

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Operational Best Practices in the Cloud

Learn how to automate and manage cloud servers without having to get hands on.

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Automating Servers in the Cloud

Learn best practices for developing, testing, and maintaining your own custom ServerTemplates in order to automate services in the cloud.

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Optimizing Your Cloud Applications in RightScale

Learn tips for sizing, auto-scaling, monitoring, and troubleshooting large-scale cloud deployments.

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Operations Playbook: Monitoring & Automation

Learn best practices about running batch updates, automating scaling, adding custom monitoring graphs, and troubleshooting configuration and performance issues.

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Windows Azure Automation & Dev/Test for the Enterprise

Learn how to better leverage Windows Azure IaaS with your DevOps team to automate your provisioning processes at scale.

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Cloud Server Monitoring and Automation, with Help from a Chimp

Learn how to efficiently run hundreds of servers spread across multiple continents in the cloud.

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