Cloud Provisioning and Orchestration

Provision and Orchestrate Cloud Applications

Learn how to empower your application teams with an express lane for services and applications. An IT vending machine serves up application stacks with push-button ordering, approval, on-the-fly customization, provisioning, and orchestration of IaaS resources. Offer instant access to a portfolio of major public cloud vendors as well as private clouds or virtualized environments.


Operationalize Your Enterprise AWS Usage Through an IT Vending Machine

Learn how to empower your internal customers to provision the necessary cloud resources when they need them but also ensure that what get receive is well within IT approved guidelines.

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Avoid Success Disasters by Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure for Your Holiday Campaigns

Learn how to prepare your website or application to handle holiday-season usage spikes and make sure that your campaign is a success.

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Operational Best Practices in the Cloud

Learn how to automate and manage cloud provisioning without having to get hands on.

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IT-as-a-Service: Back to the Future

Learn how the concept of delivering a complete suite of on-demand IT services can transform traditional IT shops from cost-centers to centers for strategic investment.

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RightScale API: How To Build Your Own IT Vending Machine

Learn how to implement a simple, yet powerful self-service interface.

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5 Quick Wins for the Cloud

Learn how to quickly deploy projects in the cloud and demonstrate return on investment.

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