When to Select a Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

Given the many private and public cloud options, it can be challenging to select the best provider for your organization. Private cloud vs. public cloud? It’s not always an either/or choice. Learn more about the capabilities of different cloud infrastructure providers and how you can best leverage these clouds for a variety of use cases.


4 Ways to Supercharge AWS

Learn how to forecast cloud costs, increase visibility, organize your AWS environment, and automate lifecycle management.

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Cloud APIs: It’s the Architecture That Matters

Find out why it’s the semantics of the resources in the cloud that matter, not the syntax of the API.

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Opportunities with HP Cloud

Learn how HP’s public cloud and its ecosystem address a variety of customer needs and use cases.

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ITaaS with Citrix CloudPlatform

Learn how delivering a complete suite of on-demand IT services can transform traditional IT shops from cost centers to centers for strategic investment. Explore how tools such as CloudPlatform and RightScale can ensure success.

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Unlock Your OpenStack Cloud

Get out of a locked-in virtualized environment and into a truly open one. RightScale and Rackspace Private Cloud make it possible to continue running your apps on OpenStack without significant investment in additional resources.

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Hybrid IT with Rackspace

Learn how you can build a hybrid IT model with our joint technologies — combining the benefits of public cloud with the security and performance of dedicated environments.

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Next Generation Cloud Computing with Google

Go deep on how to best leverage our technology with RightScale to build your next masterpiece.

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Software Development Using Windows Azure

Learn how to increase agility and automation in your software development lifecycle.

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