Cloud Budgeting

Forecast and Budget for Cloud Costs

Creating a budget for cloud infrastructure can be challenging. You need to determine what resources will cost and when you’ll need to pay for them.


Managing Cloud Costs with Optima

Explore how to visualize, forecast, and optimize costs across your entire cloud portfolio. The end result for your enterprise: lower cloud costs and more accurate cloud budgets.

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Plan Cloud Costs Now, Save Money Later

Learn the ins and outs of cloud cost management, including forecasting, comparisons, scenario modeling, and cost reporting.

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Q&A with 451 Research Cloud Economist Owen Rogers

Dr. Owen Rogers, a senior analyst of digital economics at 451 Research, helps large enterprises understand the economics of using cloud technology so that they can make informed choices when costing and pricing their own products and services and those from their vendors, suppliers, and competitors.

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Modeling Enterprise Cloud Costs

Learn step by step how you can leverage cloud budgeting tools in your enterprise to make your cloud strategy successful starting today.

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