Optimize Your AWS Costs: Request a Meeting with RightScale at AWS re:Invent

One of the chief concerns among cloud users is how to save money on cloud bills. But before you can cut your AWS costs or your costs on whichever clouds you are using, you need to know where that wasted spend is occurring.

Meet with RightScale at AWS re:Invent 2017

Request a 1:1 meeting with us at AWS re:Invent to learn how RightScale can help you find and eliminate wasted spend in your AWS and other cloud accounts. We’ll share best practices and show you how to:

  1. Prioritize savings opportunities
  2. Provide advice on best practices
  3. Set up cost tagging
  4. Automate budget alerts and reporting
  5. Identify instances/storage to be downsized, moved, or eliminated
  6. Develop plans for purchase of Reserved Instances or commitment-based discounts
  7. Track savings

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