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The RightScale Universal Cloud Management Platform provides a suite of solutions that enables enterprises to manage applications across public, private, and virtualized environments:

  • RightScale Self-Service provides an easy-to-use portal for automated deployment of cloud applications and policy-based governance over cloud usage.

  • RightScale Cloud Management gives technical teams the ability to more effectively deploy and manage their applications.

  • RightScale Cloud Analytics empowers financial users to visualize, forecast, and optimize costs across their entire cloud portfolio to achieve lower cloud costs and more accurate cloud budgets.

  • RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere enables enterprise IT teams to provide cloud-like functionality on top of VMware vSphere®


RightScale pioneered the cloud management space and has helped thousands of companies over the past seven years to leverage the power of cloud.

Some 65,000 people in 100 countries use RightScale.

RightScale technology has been used to power millions of servers and some of the largest cloud deployments, which scale to tens of thousands of servers.

RightScale is recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.


Founded by Thorsten von Eicken, Michael Crandell, and Rafael Saavedra.

Led by CEO Michael Crandell and CTO Thorsten von Eicken.

Headquartered in Santa Barbara with offices across the globe.

State of the Cloud Report

RightScale surveys IT professionals in a variety of industries among enterprises and SMBs for our annual State of the Cloud Report. The published results in the form of analysis and charts provide an in-depth look at current cloud computing trends.


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