Docker In the Cloud

Although Linux container technologies have existed for many years, Docker provides a powerful set of tools that make it easy to build, version, deploy, and share containers. As enterprises begin leveraging Docker in the cloud for at least some applications and workloads, they need to be able to provision containerized, partially containerized, and non-containerized workloads from their self-service portals and to manage heterogeneous workloads across clouds and servers.

Manage Docker Containers Across Clouds and Servers

Containers need to coexist with the rest of your infrastructure. RightScale gives you a single console for managing containers and traditional workloads across clouds and servers.

View everything in one place:

  • A single console includes containers, clusters, virtual machines, servers, and clouds — all in one consolidated view.
  • Discover all your containers that are running on each host in real time.
  • Filter on any tag to find which containers are running a particular image so that you can run a script or update the application configuration.

Keep containers under control:

  • Monitor each container and host to identify bottlenecks in your containerized service or application or to uncover excess capacity in a host.
  • Implement container alerts and escalations based on container metrics.
  • Automate self-healing actions to kick off actions or scripts if predefined thresholds are exceeded by individual containers or a Docker host.

Make provisioning look easy:

  • Provision Docker across clouds by automatically deploying individual Docker hosts or a Docker cluster on any cloud.
  • Push-button setup of cluster managers enables automated provisioning and auto-scaling of Mesos, Kubernetes, Rancher, and Swarm.
  • Orchestrate heterogeneous apps by connecting compute, network, and storage and combining containers, VMs, and external web services.

Docker In the Cloud

How RightScale Works with Docker

The RightScale platform helps you to orchestrate, manage, and govern both containerized and non-containerized applications across cloud, virtualized, and bare-metal environments. RightScale works with Docker out of the box to help manage Docker hosts and containers, deploy Dockerized workloads through a self-service portal, and support automated development processes by automating infrastructure needed at each stage in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Together, RightScale and Docker are complementary pieces of modern practices in application delivery. To learn more, get the How RightScale Works with Docker Overview.