Cloud Outage

Meet Your SLAs with a Data-Center Independent Control Plane

Cloud outages happen, both on public providers and in your own data center. Outages are when you need you cloud management systems the most: to help you diagnose, failover, and recover your applications. To effectively manage a cloud outage you need your cloud management system to be independent of any one of your data centers. The RightScale on-demand architecture spans multiple data centers, so that you can manage your clouds even when entire data centers fail. You can select from our global hosting locations to balance your needs for high availability and low latency.

Proven Scalability and Reliability

RightScale manages cloud resources and applications for thousands of organizations, across tens of thousands of users, with hundreds of thousands of instances. The RightScale on-demand architecture is global, operating across multiple cloud data centers. Distributed services, data stores, and messaging systems ensure resiliency and fault tolerance.

How RightScale Architects for HA