Secure Your Cloud Resources and Applications

RightScale helps you secure your cloud applications, infrastructure, and data. Gain visibility and control over multiple public and private cloud environments with accounts. Assign granular access controls by users across these accounts. Track configuration, access, and networking changes with audit histories. Secure network firewalls and security groups with Network Manager. Control configuration change management with version control, patch management, Managed SSH, and Configuration Credentials. Learn more about RightScale governance features.

Rock Solid RightScale Security

RightScale is built on the cloud, for the cloud. We have architected RightScale for cloud security in even the most adverse of cloud environments. We provide you choice of secure user authentication with IP Whitelisting and single sign-on using SAML or OpenID to connect to your identity management systems. We encrypt sensitive data such as cloud credentials, configuration credentials, SSH Keys, and repository credentials with AES 128-CBC encryption. Communication among RightScale systems, clouds, instances, and repositories is secured with SSL/TLS and encrypted AMQP messages. In addition, we provide data retention and liberation policies that ensure that you can access your data when you need it. Read how RightScale automates cloud security and how we achieve code compliance in an agile environment.

Security Monitoring at RightScale

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