Universal Cloud Appliance

Get Control Over Any Cloud, Any Virtual Machine, or Any Server

RightScale Universal Cloud Appliance is a lightweight, virtual software appliance that offers an extensible way to integrate the RightScale Cloud Management Platform with any infrastructure resource pool — including cloud, virtualized, and bare-metal environments. The appliance includes a plug-in interface to access native capabilities for each environment to automate discovery and provisioning. Combined with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform, it enables self-service access that cloud users demand and gives IT teams visibility and control over any cloud, any virtual machine, or any server through a single pane of glass.

RightScale Universal Cloud Appliance

Provide Self-Service Access to All Your Infrastructure

Offer your developers and other cloud consumers self-service access to virtualized and bare-metal resources as well as public and private clouds. With the RightScale Universal Cloud Appliance and RightScale Self-Service, you can reduce development cycles and increase agility with faster provisioning. And you can eliminate manual work with automation and orchestration, drive down spend with built-in cost controls, and reduce risks with policy-based governance.

Manage and Automate Any Infrastructure Pool

The RightScale Unified Cloud Appliance enables you to connect via plug-in to any infrastructure pool in addition to the major public and private clouds natively supported by RightScale. Resources that you can manage include:

  • Bare-metal servers.
  • Hyper-V, KVM, or Xen environments.
  • vCloud Air, Azure Pack, Verizon, Digital Ocean, or other clouds.
  • Regional clouds.
  • Hosted or outsourced cloud offerings, regardless of technology.

Universal Cloud Appliance for Cloud, Virtualized, and Bare-Metal Environments