Managed Services Providers

Grow Your Business by Enabling Cloud Use

Whether you provide managed hosting, outsourcing, system integration, IT consulting, or other value-added services, RightScale for managed services providers (MSPs) lets you capture and retain business by helping your customers use cloud resources. RightScale enables you to manage applications across customers and clouds and help them optimize cloud costs with a single console:

  • RightScale Optima is a collaborative cloud cost management and optimization solution that enables you to take automated action to reduce your customers' cloud spend across the enterprise.
  • RightScale Cloud Management Platform is a comprehensive solution that enables you to deliver instant access to a portfolio of public, private, and hybrid cloud services across your customers' business units and development teams while maintaining enterprise control.

RightScale for Managed Services Providers

Help Your Customers Control Cloud Costs

RightScale can help you visualize aggregated per-customer costs for chargeback; slice and dice by cloud, data center, and workloads; and take action on instances in order optimize spend. You can:

  • Visualize cloud costs across clouds, customers, and applications.
  • Forecast and compare cloud costs for new and existing applications.
  • Optimize public cloud spend to add value for customers.
  • Implement chargeback for customer cloud spend.

Streamline Multi-Cloud Operations

RightScale enables you to deliver services to your customers that span public and private clouds as well as virtualized and bare-metal environments. With RightScale, your staff gains visibility and control over both cloud and non-cloud environments for all your customers. Your staff can:

  • Onboard existing workloads with an easy-to-install agent.
  • Automate operations and reduce manual work for increased efficiency.
  • Control access across customers, clouds, and data centers.
  • Enable DevOps with existing tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Docker.

Offer Self-Service Provisioning Across Clouds

Empower your customers and their cloud users with a white-labeled, easy-to-use portal to automatically provision stacks and applications across their approved portfolio of clouds:

  • Deliver a unique self-service portal to each customer for fast provisioning.
  • Add value with templates that can be reused across customers.
  • Automate common operations to improve efficiency and agility.
  • Provide guardrails and access controls for cloud use.

Cloud Self-Service for Managed Services Providers