Architect Cloud Applications

Find the Right Design For Your Applications

Cloud environments place different assumptions on the infrastructure than traditional on-premises environments. This means that cloud applications architectures often require new approaches. RightScale CloudSight Consulting can help you determine the best architectures for your cloud applications and services, based on experience designing thousands of cloud applications since 2007.

Our team of architects will help you build for characteristics such as:

PERFORMANCE— concurrent connections, high throughput, read/write speed and consistency

COST EFFICIENCY— instance sizes, cloud services, and long-term storage

SCALABILITY— auto-scaling, traffic spikes, and seasonality

HIGH AVAILABILITY— fault tolerance, automated backups, failover, and staged recovery environments

PORTABILITY— public, private, and hybrid cloud compatibility

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Implement the Designs Yourself Or Have Us Build Them

With your application architecture in hand, our Professional Services team will be happy to assist you detail out a blueprint of the service tiers and configuration of your application. We also offer End-to-End Implementation services to build out your application architecture on the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform.

How RightScale Architects Its Databases

Find out how we at RightScale use SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL and Cassandra to provide a scalable, distributed, and highly available service around the world that is designed to recover from failures of a whole cloud region.

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