Design a Private Cloud

Articulate Your Business Requirements

Building a private cloud gives you a lot of flexibility, and requires a lot of choices. You can build from your virtualized data center or add a cloud platform. You can carve out new racks or reuse existing hardware assets. RightScale has assisted in the planning, build-out, and management of some of the largest private clouds. We'll work with you to clearly state your key business requirements such as how to price and deliver your services. so that your private cloud will be successful and transformative.

Navigate Your Technology Options

Translating your business requirements into technical requirements, RightScale will guide you on performance, security, cost, and availability must-haves. You have myriad hardware, networking, and storage options. We'll assist you with the pros and cons of adding a cloud platform layer or using your existing virtualized environment. We'll help you choose from leading cloud platforms and distributions such as OpenStack and CloudStack, or provide advice on building from an existing vSphere base. Our experts will work with you to develop a reference private cloud architecture including hardware, hypervisor, OS, and cloud platform. Learn more about Hybrid & Private Architectures.

Learn key considerations for designing and building private and hybrid clouds.