Consumer Products Case Studies

With RightScale we were able to launch our application into the public cloud. This would have been impossible in our current data center.

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Deliver Immediate Gratification to Your Brand Orgs

Your customers won't wait around while you provision servers. Get your businesses the resources they need in record time. Offer proven, tested, and supported configurations to developers or contractors. Find out how you can design cloud services that can be delivered immediately and customized when required.

Experiment with New Applications

Your brands depend on experimentation to keep them fresh and top-of-mind with your customers. Speed up time to market with automated provisioning of entire services. Increase your capacity for experimentation with applications that respond to demand, using auto-scaling and self-healing. Learn how Cloud Management can help you operate your applications efficiently.

Manage Your Cloud Budget Across Your Organization

Don't let your cloud spending blow your budget. Plan, track, and allocate cloud costs across your products, brands, and applications. Explore how Optima can help you stay on top of your cloud budget.