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You can organize all your resources into logical deployments. You can extend RightScale capabilities yourself. And it is really easy to do.

Logo David Lowe Senior Technical Director, Electronic Arts

Deliver Self-Service IT to Your Studios

Give your studios the tools they need to deliver projects quickly while staying organized, maintaining policies, and having appropriate governance in place. Explore how you can deliver self-service IT to your studios.

Keep Cloud Costs In Line Across Your Projects and Products

Use public cloud infrastructure to free up valuable capex for your business. Keep the visibility necessary to allocate costs back to projects and to reduce waste. See how Optima can prevent cloud cost chaos.

Ensure Success of Blockbuster Launches

Whether it's films, albums, games, or episodes, executing large-scale application or website launches is make-or-break. Avoid success disasters with automated provisioning, scaling, and operational management. Learn how Cloud Management can help you operate cloud applications efficiently and reliably.